Voters Say Government Corruption is the Public Enemy Number 1

New polling from Michigan and Ohio shows likely voters are deeply concerned about government corruption and largely in agreement about the right solutions.

According to new polling from the electoral battleground states of Michigan and Ohio, likely voters across the political spectrum are more concerned about corruption in government than any other issue. With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging, sharp disagreements over gun control, healthcare, infrastructure, the economy, and the looming existential threat of climate change, these surprising results suggest that the public recognizes the vital role that fair, effective, and impartial government must play to solve all other critical problems.

And while hyper-partisanship continues to cause gridlock across many areas of public policy, this polling shows that voters across the political spectrum are largely in agreement about the right solutions for tackling corruption: more enforcement of existing laws and regulations, better restrictions to keep public officials from reaping private benefits, and greater transparency.

Voters say government corruption is the biggest problem facing the country

Voters across Michigan and Ohio report that a host of issues facing the country are “very big problems,” from crime and gun violence (63%) and COVID-19 (61%) to the affordability of healthcare (57%) and climate change (46%). However, corruption in government rises to the top of the list, with 89% of voters identifying it as a problem and 65% saying it is a “very big problem.”

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