Soros Backed Whitmer Collects $550k More in Contributions Above Normal Giving Limits

Lansing — Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's reelection campaign has amassed a war chest of $12.6 million, including nearly $4 million in contributions above the state's normal giving limits.

On Monday, Michigan candidates had to file new fundraising disclosures, covering the previous three months. The incumbent Democrat's report revealed her campaign has continued a controversial practice of accepting larger than normally allowed donations from individuals.

Since July 20, Whitmer has received $550,000 more over the limits, adding to the $3.4 million she took above the limits earlier in the year.

Whitmer's team has said she can do this because of efforts to recall her and longstanding rulings from the Secretary of State's office that candidates facing active recalls can raise unlimited amounts of money. However, the Michigan Republican Party has challenged the strategy in court, and it's unclear if any of the recalls against the governor are currently active.

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