Are you thinking of becoming the next candidate for precinct delegate in your precinct or district? Take this short educational course on what a precinct delegate is, what their responsibilities are, and how to apply for ballot access to the next election cycle.

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Become a Precinct Delegate

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Thanks for taking an interest in learning how to become a precinct delegate. Delegates are at the heart of winning elections for parties. We need to start filling those delegate seats with real Americans who represent We the People. This learning module will explain the basic ideas and processes you will need to know to become a precinct delegate to represent American values and start shaping the policies that will help protect our freedoms, now, and in the future. In this learning module you will learn the following: ~ The definition of a delegate. ~ The definition of a precinct delegate. ~ The responsibilities of a precinct delegate. ~ How to find your district. ~ How to file the paperwork to become a precinct delegate.

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Lance Ziegler
Lance Ziegler


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