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WE The People

Bringing people and resources together to inform, teach, and win back our God given freedoms.  

Join Us In Taking Back Our Country

Empower Your Community

Are you tired of incompetent and morally corrupt politicians and bureaucrats selling out America to the highest bidder?


Are you sick of local governments imposing unconstitutionally egregious ordinances and mandates that violate Constitutionally protected rights?

Are you sick of your school board officials putting our children in harms way with control and fear tactics?


Are you sick of our government sending jobs overseas and giving special interests groups unlimited access to taxpayer funds?


Are you disgusted with our government giving financial handouts to illegals or offering foreign aid and financial assistance to our enemies when our own fellow Americans are suffering here at home?

YES! So are WE!

Are you ready to take back your country yet?

YES! So are WE!

Be the Solution

By taking over local governments like school boards and county elected seats, left-wing communist can control the narrative in those local communities, manipulate views on public opinion, conceal the truth through media propaganda, and unlawfully suppress your Constitutionally protected rights of free speech through censorship laws passed by local ordinances.


The only way to take back America is to put Americans in the seat that represent Americans. Not special interest groups or some phony entity overseas politicians are funneling funds through. It needs to stop NOW! We the People have decided we have had enough.

Local governments shape national public policy. Winning back local governments means morally based Americans shape the laws and the policies that govern our way of life. Not some handful of loudmouth lunatics or bureaucrats hiding in the shadows with dark money payoffs from lobbyists.

We need your help to put America back into the hands of Americans. To help protect our freedoms and the freedoms for future generations from tyranny and abuses of power as we have all come to witness. The only way we can do this is to start taking over each political position starting at the county level. It is the heart of local governments the left-wing communist seek to gain control. We MUST defeat them to maintain our God given American freedoms.

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